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Mobile Applications
- iBlogger
- iEmail
- iTwitter
- iWordPress Blogger
- iDictionary
- iUnit Converter
- iWikipedia
Entertainment and Fun
- iEntertainment Gossip
- iGames Reviews
- iJokes
- iMovies Guide
- iTV Guide
- iWWE
Health and Fitness
- iBody Health Calculator
- iFood Recipes
- iGym Tracker
- iNutrition Calculator
News and Information
- iBBC news
- iCell Phone Reviews
- iDigg
- iEvent Locater
- iHeadline News
- iRSS Reader
- iStock Quote
- iTime Magazine
- iVirus Warning
- iWeather Forecast
Personal and Business
- iAppointment Maker
- iCraigslist
- iDeal Shoppers
- iPersonal Expenses
- iPet Finder
- iShipment Tracker
- iVehicle Manager
- iVisiting Card
- iWireless Jobs
- iYellow Pages
- iCricket Score
- iCurrency Converter
- iFlights Tracker
- iTranslator
- iTravel Calculator
- iTravel Guide
- iHoroscope
- iPrayer (Salat) Times
- iRamadan Time

Phone compatibility
Compatible with all Java/WAP supported mobile phones, Symbians, PDAs, Pocket PCs, and Smartphones

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iMobile is free mobile applications portal; offers mobile applications for all Java (J2ME) and WAP supported mobiles phone, Symbian, PDA, Pocket PC, and Smartphone. iMobile applications are available for different categories including Communication, Education, Entertainment & Fun, Health and Fitness, News & Information, Personal and Business, Sports, Travel.
iMobile offers more advanced applications with time to match the modern lifestyle of the mobile users from all walks of life, using state of the art mobile phone technology which saves user from downloading a new application file for each mobile application, so saving space & memory of your mobile phone for your other important data.

Some of highlighted features of iMobile;

  • Free registration and application download
  • No hidden cost
  • Saving space & memory of your mobile phone
  • No download limits
  • Compatible with all Java (J2ME) and WAP (internet ready) supported mobile phones, Symbians, PDAs, Pocket PCs, and Smartphones
  • Every month new application
  • Download applications from anywhere anytime
iMobile applications are not simply mobile applications but a way of life and moreover all applications are free. So why not get mobilized today with iMobile? To download and install the applications direct your mobile phone to

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