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1.    How to register at iMobile?

Registration at iMobile is free and takes only a minute. Click here to register or alternatively you can also get register using iMobile WAP portal. Please direct your handheld device to

2.    What is iMobile Client?

iMobile client is application operating system. The client is just 55KB, a lot smaller than your games and other applications. All iMobile applications will run under iMobile client environment.

3.    Can I run applications, without installing iMobile client?

Yes, You can. Please direct your handheld device to But we recommend you to install iMobile client application in your handheld.

4.   How much it cost to download iMobile client?

It’s Free.

5.   How to download iMobile client?

You can download iMobile client from iMobile WAP, please direct your handheld device to

6.   What are the basic requirements to download & install applications?

All you need to have Java/ WAP supported handheld device, and registered account.

7.    How do I check if my handheld device can support the application?

We support all Java/ WAP enabled handheld devices. Please contact your handheld device manufacturer to check if your device supports Java/WAP.

8.   How to download & install applications?

Please read Getting Started Guide

9.   How much it cost to download and install application?

All iMobile applications are free to download and install. 

10.   Can I check applications, before I install in my handheld? 

YES! You can. Please direct your handheld device to  

11.  How to use the application?

Please read “User Guide for Handheld device”, in “Member zone”

12.  Is my data secure in my cell phone, if I use iMobile applications?

YES, to learn more please read Privacy policy .

13.  How to change the password?

Logon to your account; go to “Member zone”, browse “Change Password” follow-up with “Account Setting”

14.  How to uninstall application(s)?

Please direct your handheld device to Browse Uninstall applicarions link, select the application to uninstall and follow the instructions. 

15.  How do I get informed for application change and new application availability?

We frequently send emails to our registered users for application changes and new application availability.

16.  How to change profile?

Logon to your account; go to “Member zone”, browse “Profile Home”, follow-up with “Account Setting”

17.  What if I change my cellular services?

Logon to your account; go to “Member zone”, and update your profile. 

18.  What if I change my cell phone manufacturer?

No worries. Logon to your account; go to “Member zone”, update your profile and download iMobile client in your new handheld device. For how to download iMobile client please read “Getting Started Guide

19.  How to contact iMobile?

If you have any comments/questions/suggestion click here or email us at If you have question regarding iMobile client download or applications installation error then in email also write your mobile phone manufacturer and model number with exact error which you are getting.

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