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There are three simple steps to begin using iMobile applications;
  1. Registration
  2. Download iMobile client
  3. Install and run iMobile applications


Registration at iMobile is free and takes only a minute. Click here to register or alternatively you can also get register using iMobile WAP portal. Please direct your mobile phone to

Download iMobile client:

Next step is for you to download iMobile client in your mobile phone. The client is just 55KB; it is a lot smaller than your games and other applications. To download the iMobile client, click on “Download iMobile Client” link.
Your mobile phone will show you two options “Download” and “View Information”. Select “Download” and system will start downloading iMobile client in your mobile phone. In next screen system will ask you location to “Save” iMobile Client, choose the appropriate location in your mobile phone to save the iMobile client.

Run iMobile Client:

Typically iMobile client is saved in Applications or Games folder. Select and run “iMobile”.
On the first screen, enter “Password” and then press “#” key. If you would like to skip the password screen next time, choose “Save password” by clicking the right arrow key. Press # again to move forward.
iMobile will verify your password with the server. Your phone may display a screen asking you to “Allow application to send to the internet”, press “Yes”. If multiple options are presented to you, select “Never ask again” or “Ask once per session”. Once you grant iMobile permission to access the internet, it will verify your password. After successful verification, you will be taken to the iMobile main menu.
If this is your first time, using iMobile, it will connect to the iMobile server and you will receive message; “No applications found. Please find and download applications”. And you will be given 3 options;
  1. Install all applications
  2. Browse applications
  3. Search applications
Install all applications will install all available applications in your mobile phone. Browse applications will let you select multiple applications to install while search application will let you search particular application and install searched application. You will be given confirmation message of each successfully installed application.
Although all applications are free to download & install, it is a good idea to download only the applications you need. This helps keep the user interface on your small mobile screen clean.
Please press “#” to clear the message, and all your installed applications will be displayed in the main menu.
Now you are ready to go mobile. Enjoy with your favorite FREE applications. Remember; use ‘#” for moving to the next operation and ‘*’ to move back. You can press right soft key for a pop-up menu for quick and easy commands.

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