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iTravel Calculator
iMobile’s, travel distance calculator application is free mobile application that facilitate frequent travelers to computes distance and direction quickly between any two points on the earth.
Have you ever scratched your head converting miles into kilometers or feet into yards? iMobile’s, mobile travel distance calculator application is the solution! iTravel Distance Calculator application is a handy and easy to use converter for the all Java/WAP supported mobile phones. If you are planning to travel between cities or overseas to another country, you might want to search for the distance of destination or closest airport to your destination. Or you can simply browse all of the major airports in any state or country. You can also browse information on flights including the distance, travel time, or carbon emissions.
Power of iMobile technology; iTravel Distance Calculator application do not install any database files onto your phone so ultimately saving space and memory of mobile phone while making it easier for you to find real time distances and time differences while you are on the go.


Key features

  • FREE Registration, application download & installation
  • NO HIDDEN cost
  • NO hassles to download JAR files
  • Easy-to-use for non-professional mobile users
  • Compatible with all Java/WAP supported mobile phones, Symbians, PDAs, Pocket PCs, and Smartphones
  • Unlike other applications it won’t install any database files in mobile phone, so saving space & memory of your mobile phone
  • Calculate total Flight Time between cities or countries even.
  • Find out Time Difference between two cities or countries