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mobile wikipedia applicationImagine having the entire knowledge of the largest collaborative encyclopedia in the world at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. iWikipedia is mobile wikipedia application that let you get the access the full content of Wikipedia articles on your mobile phone. Just type in any word on your mobile phone and read & share instantly the entire Wikipedia article specially formatted for your small mobile phone screen, whenever! and wherever! You want.
Imagine you are having lunch with your friend and in the middle of conversation, a question came up: "What was the history of titanic ". Well, no worries; if you have installed iWikipedia mobile application in your mobile phone, start the application; type your word, and get the full and complete answer to your question. iWikipedia mobile application is an easy way to carry Wikipedia, worlds largest encyclopedia, with you anytime anywhere.

Key features;

  • FREE Registration, application download & installation
  • NO complex download & installation process
  • NO HIDDEN COST for application usage
  • NO hassles to download JAR files for application
  • Easy-to-use for non-professional mobile users
  • Largest encyclopedia database
  • Instant access to Wikipedia articles
  • Multiple Language support
  • Search any type of article
  • Result screen is formatted to fit your small handheld device screen
  • For reading convenience; result content is divided into parts
  • Email and Share searched articles