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iWordPress Blogger
Free Wordpress mobile blogger applicationiWordPress Blogger is a powerful mobile blogging application for Wordpress Blog that enables you to update your Wordpress Blog directly from your mobile phone, while you are on the GO!. iWordPress mobile blogger application will blogging from your mobile phone is easier than ever. It’s quick, easy and moreover it's free – start enjoying the freedom of mobile blogging today.
Power of WordPrss Blogger, with iWordPress Blogger mobile application you can post on Wordpress Blog from anywhere anytime using your mobile phone, not even you can create new post but you can also post new bookmarks. You can save your post as draft for future posting. It doesn’t matter if you have more than one blog on single wordpress account, iWordPress mobile blogger application enables you to access all your blogs, and post entries. Besides other than writing your title, body, you can also associate categories and tags with each post. 

Key Features:

  • FREE Registration, application download & installation
  • NO HIDDEN cost & complex installation process
  • NO hassles to download JAR files
  • Easy-to-use for non-professional mobile users
  • Compatible with all Java/WAP supported mobile phones, Symbians, PDAs, Pocket PCs, and Smartphones
  • Blog directly from your Mobile phone
  • Create and instant publish new post entries and associate Categories as well as tags
  • Control all your WordPress Blogs on single account
  • Functionality to save your entries as Draft for future posting
  • Create and instant publish Bookmarks